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Startup’s Guide to European Expansion: You’ve Landed in Europe. What's Next?

Access this on-demand webinar featuring CEOs from Highspot and CircleCI to learn about how to grow your startup in Europe

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Expanding to new markets is complicated. It’s even more complex when that new market is across the Atlantic. At Sapphire, startup CEOs often ask us: How do I land and expand in Europe? At the onset, they want to know which location to select, what skills are required to start operations and who to hire. To answer these initial questions, we released the European Expansion Playbook: Volume 1 earlier this year.

For those CEOs that have landed into Europe, their top priority is to understand how to grow within the market. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn from two CEOs that have done it: Jim Rose from CircleCI and Robert Wahbe from Highspot. They discuss their unique journeys to landing and expanding in Europe, share best practices based on their experiences, and provide insights into how they found long-term success in the region. 

You'll learn about:
  • What key metrics indicate readiness for European expansion
  • How to assess the investment of a new market
  • What regions are top priorities for the majority of start-ups
  • How to grow in the region in a post-COVID world

Featured Speakers

Robert Wahbe

CEO, Highspot

Jim Rose

CEO, CircleCI


Rajeev Dham

Partner, Sapphire Ventures

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