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Creating a Data-Driven Culture

The KPIs, processes & tools you need to make the most of your data  

Data is arguably a company's most prized and valuable asset. As data scientist Clive Humby put it “data is the new oil.” Like oil, data must be gathered, refined and funneled to the right places in order to generate exceptional value.

With proper strategies and processes in place, your organization can adopt a true data-driven culture, anchored in the predictive and prescriptive, versus only the retrospective. 

In this playbook, we draw from conversations with industry leaders across a number of companies, such as HubSpot and PayPal, as well as across our portfolio, to uncover the best practices to build a sustaining data strategy that unlocks revenue-generating opportunities for your organization. 

Download the playbook to discover:

  • What you need to build a data strategy, including the core KPIs, management cadence, resourcing model and technology stack
  • How to drive data culture adoption and ensure longevity 
  • Revenue-generating use-cases that a data strategy can unlock to drive growth and propel your business forward