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2023 SaaS Buyers Outlook

Discover How Enterprise Buyers & Startups are Managing SaaS Spend in 2023  

2022 was a year marked by drastic changes to startups and enterprises alike. Particularly, in the face of budget constraints and increases in cost of money to radical economic events (ie. SVB fallout, ongoing global conflicts and more), the SaaS industry witnessed a rapid slow down. 

To better understand how these macroeconomic changes are impacting SaaS buying sentiment, technology trends and how SaaS strategies may or may not be changing more than a year into this stricter economic climate, we tapped our network and spoke to over 100 enterprise and startups CXOs to bring to you the SaaS Buyers Outlook: Budgets Stay Resilient as Tech Remains a Differentiator.

The report surveys decision makers from influential corporations such as PepsiCo, Shell, Blue Diamond, Flex, Kao and Colgate-Palmolive to better understand:

  • How decision makers are approaching 4 key aspects of SaaS spend
  • The 5 defining trends across SaaS buying
  • Enterprise vs startups SaaS buyers outlook
  • Top priorities for SaaS buyers
  • How startups are navigating the complex landscape

Download the report to learn why we see a picture of market resilience across SaaS spend and the technology landscape despite 2022 headwinds.