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Companies are shifting workloads to cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. Most recently, the trend has accelerated with companies racing to enable a remote workforce. As companies move to the cloud they’re increasingly tapping into the benefits of cloud marketplaces to adopt startup technologies. 

Startups that successfully leverage cloud marketplaces can accelerate deal velocity, reduce procurement complexity, and increase deal size. While the benefits of cloud marketplaces can be enormous, it’s a new and nascent channel for most startups and their revenue leaders. 

To help GTM leaders navigate and identify ways to leverage cloud marketplaces, join this Sapphire Ventures on-demand webinar featuring marketplace leaders from MongoDB, Snowflake, and Sumo Logic.

Watch the webinar to learn:
  • How to successfully sell enterprise software through cloud marketplaces
  • What investments and alignment you need at your company to be successful on cloud marketplaces
  • What benefits to expect by selling on a cloud marketplace 
  • How to cultivate and enable a successful relationship with cloud marketplaces
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