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Playbook | Vol. 2

The European Expansion Playbook

A Startup's Guide to Expanding within the Region 

Global expansion is an important step for startups looking to scale and remain competitive. For U.S. based companies specifically, one region in particular is at the top of list for growth: Europe. With its enormous hub of industries and a welcoming business culture, Europe offers a wealth of opportunities for startups looking to expand their reach. 

While the benefits of growing a business in Europe are clear, accessing it is a stepwise process with milestones that we hope to demystify for the startup community. Over a year ago, we developed our European Expansion Playbook Volume 1 with the intention of helping companies begin their journey into building operations in Europe. Now, with our second volume, we hope to support startups in their continued quest to build their businesses across Europe.

In the European Expansion Playbook Volume 2, we assess different countries in detail, enabling startups to understand how to adjust tactics to suit customer needs and determine where to further grow their European operations. Over the last several months, we met with dozens of leaders from companies such as BNP Paribas, SAP, Evonik, Capgemini, and WPP’s Institute for Real Growth to assist startups in growing their operations within Europe.

Download the playbook to: 
  • Understand the economic value of the major European regions
  • Decide how to prioritize the GTM process according to different countries 
  • Deploy a translated and compliant European product
  • Hire sales and product talent across the region