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A Guide to Building an Effective Partner Strategy Framework

How a winning partner program can help drive efficient growth

As companies continue to focus on driving efficient growth in 2024, leveraging an effective partner framework can be a game-changer to help achieve scale.

Our latest resource, "A Guide to Building an Effective Partner Strategy Framework," provides a modular framework designed to enhance your partner strategy, and is tailored for GTM leaders and company executives aiming to drive efficient growth through a robust partner ecosystem.

This guide not only lays the groundwork for building a partner program, but also offers a clear path for implementation at each phase of a company's growth. Topics covered include:

  • The Four P’s of Partner Ecosystem Success: Product, Program, Partners and People, as foundational to building a successful partner ecosystem emphasizing their interconnected roles in strategy development
  • The various stages and categories of partner programs, which provide a roadmap for structuring and evolving partner relationships throughout different phases of engagement.
  • Strategies for engaging sales and service delivery partners to expand market reach, improve service delivery and achieve mutual growth through collaborative sales efforts
  • Frameworks for measuring the impact and success of partner strategies, detailing metrics and KPIs to assess partnership contributions to business goals

Download the guide to begin building your partner strategy into a powerful engine for growth.