Now in its 7th year, our redesigned Sapphire Vision Summit explored what's next in enterprise technology. We brought together an exclusive, invite-only audience of startup CEOs, VC investors, and innovative Global 2000 CIOs and CxOs interested in discovering and adopting the latest emerging technologies.

In case you missed it, we covered today’s most pressing themes, including:

  • How to achieve sustainability at scale
  • Remaking culture & retaining talent
  • How enterprises can win by leveraging the new open-data ecosystem
  • Strategizing for the metaverse

Speaker highlights include:

  • Vijaya Kaza, CSO and Head of Engineering & Data Science for TnS, Airbnb 
  • Lindsey McInerney, Former Global Head of Technology & Innovation, Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • Anil Madan, Corporate Vice President of Data Platforms, Walmart 
  • Scott Russell, Executive Board Member and Head of Customer Success, SAP
  • Nicholas Thompson, CEO, The Atlantic (former Editor-in-Chief of WIRED)
  • Erkang Zheng, CEO, JupiterOne 
  • Kat Kennedy, President and CXO, Degreed

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