About the Playbook

Acquiring a new customer can be up to 25x more expensive than selling to an existing one. That's why Customer Success (CS) is a critical function in any SaaS business. A successful CS team helps reduce churn and can increase expansion of existing accounts, acting as a force multiplier for any company’s growth trajectory.  

Whether you’re building the product, marketing it, selling it, or anything in between, everyone needs to work together to keep customers satisfied. And it's the CS team that serves as the orchestration layer for the entire customer experience by ensuring alignment internally.

But how to build a scalable and successful CS organization can be challenging. It takes planning, structure, talent, and skill to be effective. It also involves a combination of important data, playbooks, and frameworks to develop the best strategy for your CS organization.

Download this playbook to learn how to: 

  • Assess when you should start your CS organization
  • Determine what the best CS strategy and model is for your startup 
  • Scale with frameworks, KPI models, and playbooks 
  • Leverage new tech and tools to be successful

and more!


Download the Playbook