About the Playbook

For many startups, the idea of European expansion aligns with a long-term revenue growth strategy. Serving approximately 775M people and nearly $23T in GDP, many companies cite the region as the second largest revenue generator. But making that first leap into Europe can be a daunting task, which involves careful planning, insider knowledge and a heavy investment.

The average start-up expands to Europe between their Series B and C rounds. Knowing how to tackle Europe and the surrounding regions is key to success for those startups that have done this before. For a startup that’s looking to expand into Europe, there are many questions to be answered first:

  • Where should the HQ be? 
  • What will our landing team look like? 
  • Does our product need localization? 
  • How big is the addressable market? 
  • What are our biggest product challenges?

All of these are key questions that need to be addressed in order to put together a cohesive plan for success. To help startup CEOs answer these questions, we’ve created The European Expansion Playbook: Volume 1.

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