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The Road to IPO or M&A: Best Practices for Planning an Exit Strategy

On-Demand Webinar featuring JFROG and Segment CFOs, moderated by Former Yelp CFO Rob Krolik

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At some point along their journey, and closer to later stages of growth, the majority of startups decide they either want to go public or go the M&A route. Regardless, planning an exit strategy is overwhelming with many pieces to the puzzle--especially in today’s market. As a CFO, you have to start thinking about the main objective long before the big day. 

Join this webinar with the CFOs of two of our recently exited companies JFROG (NASDAQ: FROG) and Segment, acquired by Twilio (NYSE: TWLO), which will be moderated Rob Krolik, General Partner at Burst Capital and former CFO of Yelp who helped take the company public in 2012. You’ll hear from these experts about what they learned in planning their exit strategies, what they wish they knew going into the process, and tips and tricks for you as you begin to plan your IPO or M&A exit.

Attend the webinar to learn how to:
  • Plan for an exit and navigate the process during an especially unusual time in the public markets
  • Address key financial, accounting, and tax considerations ahead of time
  • Manage relationships with investors and potential purchasers throughout the process
  • Recognize due diligence dos and don’ts while going through an acquisition

Featured Speakers

Jacob Shulman
Jacob Shulman

CFO, JFrog

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith

CFO, Segment

Rob Krolik
Rob Krolik

General Partner at Burst Capital and Former CFO at Yelp


Steve Abbott
Steve Abbott

Partner, Sapphire Ventures

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