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Livongo’s Chief People Officer and Head of D&I on How to Achieve Diversity, Inclusion & Equality

On-Demand Webinar featuring leaders from Livongo

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A recent McKinsey and Company study found that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on their executive teams were 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability. And, ethnic and cultural diversity resulted in a 33% increase in performance. Diversity, inclusion, and equality drives business results, yet it remains a challenge for most companies to achieve parity.

That’s not the case for Livongo, the leading consumer-centered virtual care company and a Sapphire Ventures investment. While the work is never done at Livongo, the company is one that has been able to achieve gender equality, and has prioritized diversity and inclusion efforts in order to boost employee engagement and reduce attrition.

Tune in to the webinar featuring Livongo's Chief People Officer Arnnon Geshuri and Head of Diversity and Inclusion Erick Mitchell to learn:
  • How Livongo has been able to achieve gender equality and how it has enhanced its diversity and inclusion initiatives, which has led to an attrition rate of less than 5%, and an employee engagement score that’s consistently around 85%. 
  • How the company has professionalized its D&I efforts and growth over the past year, which culminated in the $18.5B proposed merger with Teladoc health. 
  • Best practices from Livongo in order to achieve diversity, inclusion, and equality at your company.

Featured Speakers

Arnnon Geshuri
Arnnon Geshuri

Chief People Officer, Livongo

Erick Mitchell
Erick Mitchell

Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Livongo


Elizabeth Patterson
Elizabeth Patterson

Vice President Talent Network, Sapphire Ventures

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