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The Startup’s Guide to Opening European Operations

Join this on-demand webinar featuring leaders from CCW Solutions & OpsRamp

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Europe is often the second largest market for many U.S.-based startups in terms of revenue. With 775M people and nearly $23T in GDP, the region represents a large addressable market. For those companies seeking to grow and eventually exit, Europe often accounts for 25-35% of their total revenue.

But making it into Europe is not as easy as opening a new office. It takes planning, structure, talent, and skill to be successful. Knowing the cultural differences, tactical benefits, and regional product needs will help inform the best strategy for your company to enter the market.

Tune into this on-demand webinar with leaders from CCW Business Solutions and OpsRamp to discuss how they expanded their operations into Europe, lessons learned, what they wish they could do differently, how geo-political changes impact the region, and tips and tricks for your expansion planning.

Tune-in to learn how to
  • Decide on moving into Europe
  • Choose a destination to setup your European operations
  • Structure your landing team for success in region
  • Find the right resources to help with your entity creation, banking, and hiring

Featured Speakers

Stephen Wares
Stephen Wares

VP of Business Development, CCW Business Solutions

George Bonser
George Bonser

VP of EMEA, OpsRamp


Abhishek Lahoti
Abhishek Lahoti

VP of Business Development, Sapphire Ventures

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